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St. David’s Senior Ministry

A ministry to Seniors that provides fellowship and activities to the older residents of the South Bronx.  They go on outings, trips and events to places in the city and the surrounding area.

St. Simeon’s Social Action Committee

A group of members who coordinate the Social Ministry and Congregational involvement of the church to the South Bronx Community.

Choir Ministry

All three congregations have a choir and a combined Youth Choir.  All four choirs together are the Collaborative Concert Choir, our fifth Choir.  The Concert Choir will often travel to other locations to sing in Worship or Events.  Our Choirs sing Traditional, Gospel, Latin and Contemporary Church Music.

Congregational Choirs

Each of our congregations has its own Choir which sings each Sunday at the their Worship Service.  All who have an interest in music and singing are welcome to join. Our Choir Rehearsals are combined with the other congregations on two Saturdays a month.  New members are welcome to join whichever choir they wish.

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir is open to the children and youth of the congregations and the community.  They are welcome to rehearse with the Congregational Choirs on Saturdays, but also have rehearsals on some Saturdays at noon and some Sundays during Kids Church.

Collaborative Choir

The Congregational Choirs and the Youth Choir combined form the Collaborative Choir.  This choir performs at major Worship Services and is available to “go on the road” to sing at other churches and events.

Young Family Ministry Team

The parents and other interested adults are the Young Family Ministry Team.  They provide support to the Young Family and Community Organizer in supporting the Kid’s Church, the youth group and the Youth Choir.

Kid’s Church

Kids Church is our Sunday School Program that meets at St. David’s location for St. David’s and St.

Simeon’s Churches at 10:00 am for children in elementary and middle school.  At 1:30 pm it meets at

San Juan Bautista which worships at St. Margaret’s Church.  Children at all three congregations leave part of the Worship Service and go to a class to learn more about God and how God interacts in their

everyday life.   Kids Church is a bi-lingual program at each location and is led by our Young Family and

Community Organizer and a volunteer staff.

Children’s Trip Program

Each month the Young Family Ministry sponsors a trip to a fun location, often educational for the children in the community and the congregations.  The youth group assists in the supervision and operation of the trips.


Youth Group

Our pre-teens and teens form our Church Youth Group.  Led by our Young Family and Community Organizer and supported by various adults the youth group meets at least twice a month on Saturdays and their activities include the Youth Choir, Computer Training and quarterly fun trips.  In the summer young people also attend conferences sponsored by the Diocese, the National Church and various National organizations.


Parent’s Club

Parent’s of children, whether two parent families, single parent families or same sex parent families are welcome to join this service and fellowship group.  The primary service area will be children and care for parents. The group will meet at various times during the year for fellowship and sharing. Childcare will be provided.  Attendees can be members of the congregations, friends of or just in the community, all are welcome.


20s -40s Group

Those in their 20s, 30s, 40s and if you feel you wish to join, those in their 50s who will meet periodically during the year for fellowship and any planned activities they wish.   Attendees can be members of the congregations, friends of or just in the community, all are welcome.

Fund Raising and Fellowship Events

Each congregation sponsors fund raisers throughout the year and they work together on major events.  While there are congregational committees, each congregation selects three leaders who work together on deciding and planning major Collaborative WW events.

Worship Helpers

There are various opportunities for anyone to join in helping in worship by joining one of our groups. There are acolytes, young people and adults that would like to serve at Worship Services, Lay Eucharistic Ministers who directly assist the priest at service and also assist in distribution on the Holy Communion.  For those who would like to visit the Sick and Shut-in and take Holy Communion to them and those in the Nursing Homes and Hospitals we have Lay Eucharistic Visitors. Also at most Worship Services there are lay people who lead in Scripture Readings and Prayers and we have Altar Guilds who prepare the Church for Worship.   Check with a member of the clergy if you have interest in any of these ministry positions to find out about Training.

Urban Cultural Arts & Justice Ministry

The Urban Cultural Arts and Justice Ministry is a Community Outreach Program of the Collaborative Ministry which promotes and supports people in learning and expressing their talents in issues of Justice through various Musical, Artistic and Spoken Word mediums.  It will also encourage participants to explore their spiritual experiences and needs for Community support through forums on Injustices in Racism, Classism, Sexism, Gender Orientation Issues and other forms of Injustice in our Society.

Programs Consist of:

Community Choir (Spring 2018)

Steel Band     (Spring 2018)

African & Latin Drumming    (Spring 2018)

Visual Arts    (Summer 2018)

Social Media Graphics and use of Internet Skills (Summer 2018)

Spoken Word     (Summer 2018)

Poetry Jams      (Fall 2018)

Theater      (Fall 2018)

Discussion Forums (Summer 2018)

Community Projects (Summer 2018)

Dance (Spring 2018)

The Program

The Ministry goal is targeted to showcase and encourage local expressions of art, spoken word and music, especially from an Afro and Latin cultural forms, though open to all, especially young and young adult people in Cultural creative fields.  It consists of classes and forums for teaching, spaces made available for meetings, gallery and performances. Programs will include discussion forums on Justice and Spiritual Growth, especially the role of Art, Music, Acting, Poetry and the Written/Spoken word.  Whenever possible programs will be coordinated with congregational programs of Music and the Arts. Teaching classes will meet mostly weekly, such as Group Voice, Steel Band, Drumming and Dance.

Target Population & Marketing

The program will also attempt to recruit young adults (especially those 18 to 40) cultural people who have interest in teaching younger people, children and other adults in their specific fields and developing and participating in Community Events.

Marketing will be targeted to the local community who may not have regular access to the internet by flyers and banners and to those in the overall South Bronx by our Web Sites.  The program will be clear that we are an open and affirming progressive church and program and open to the LGBTQ community

Desired Accomplishments

The hope is to expose the Arts in children who have limited access in their school programs.

To enable local artists to showcase their work and share their talents with others.

To support the discussion of Social Justice Issues in our community, our city and our society at large.

To assist in giving opportunities to share to create a place where young people and young adults can discuss spirituality and personal/community development in peer group discussions.

The program will also provide a Computer Center and Training for Arts and the Internet.


Local young adults in the Arts have been contacted to answer questions on their art, their spiritual development and justice views.  About a dozen have responded and they will then be asked if they would allow us to do a video of each, where they discuss their responses.  In this way the program is developing from where people are at and what they are looking for.

Planning Process

The team that is planning and coordinating this program is the Collaborative Marketing and Social Media Ministry staff person, a young artist and media specialist, the Collaborative Choir Director, a young musician and performer, the Collaborative Young Family and Community Organizer, a licensed special education teacher and our Special Project Administrator.  All the staff, except for the Special Projects Administrator are bi-lingual, Spanish and English.


Though we had hoped to start the program in the Summer of 2017, with the need organization of the Collaborativve Ministry and the reorganization of some of the structures of the participating congregations we decided to begin this process in Spring 2018.  It will begin in stages and some of the staffing has been identified, after the funding is secured, they will be hired.

Life Events

Membership in our Congregations

Membership is open to all.  Formal membership may include Baptism, Confirmation or being Received by the Bishop.  Anyone interested in knowing more about how to be a part of our congregations is welcome to call the Church Office and set up a meeting with Father Bennett.


The sacrament of Baptism is open to all who have not been baptized previously in any Christian denomination.  We perform the Baptism to children and adults and usually schedule Baptisms on the Sunday after Epiphany (the Sunday following January 6th), Easter, Pentecost Sunday (usually a Sunday in late May or early June) and on All Saints’ Sunday (the first Sunday in November).  Other Sundays can be arranged by calling Father Bennett at the office.


The sacrament of Marriage is performed by our clergy and include some pre-marital sessions with the couple, wishing to marry.  We are open and affirming to all, who will follow the required process. Those interested in Marriage should call Father Bennett at the office to set up an initial appointment.


All who are in need of a church funeral service may call Father Bennett at the office to make arrangements.

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