Music & Choir Programs

Our Choirs sing Traditional, Gospel, Latin and Contemporary Church Music.

Congregational Choirs

Each of our congregations has its own Choir which sings each Sunday at the their Worship Service.  All who have an interest in music and singing are welcome to join.  Our Choir Rehearsals are combined with the other congregations on two Saturdays a month.  New members are welcome to join whichever choir they wish.

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir is open to the children and youth of the congregations and the community.  They are welcome to rehearse with the Congregational Choirs on Saturdays, but also have rehearsals on some Saturdays at noon and some Sundays during Kids Church.

Collaborative Choir

The Congregational Choirs and the Youth Choir combined form the CWW Choir.  This choir performs at major Worship Services and is available to “go on the road” to sing at other churches and events.

Collaborative Afro/Latin Justice, Music, Arts and Spoken Word Ministry

The Collaborative Afro/Latin Justice, Music, Arts and Spoken Word Ministry includes Justice Forums, Vocal, Steel Band, Latin and African Drumming, Art, Theater and the Spoken Word.  It is open to all and we invite people to add to our Cultural Center by sharing any talents and gifts they may wish to offer.   The Cultural Center has an emphasis on the Afro and Latin local community artists.  Where possible the programs will coordinate with each other to produce multi-media productions.  These programs will begin in the Spring and Summer Seasons.

Community Choir

This choir is made up of members of the Collaborative Choir and our surrounding communities.  It is open to all, whether or not they come to our congregations or other congregations. This choir is invited to sing with the Collaborative choir on Sundays or when the choirs are performing at non-Church events.  They rehearse on two Saturdays a month and may participate as they wish.

Steel Band Group

The Collaborative Steel Band will be organized for the Community and the Congregations.  The program will be a way to reach the Caribbean and young people of the communities.  Rehearsal will be held weekly.

African & Latin Drumming Group

The Collaborative African and Latin Drumming group will be organized for the community and the congregations.  The program will be a way to reach the African, Latin and young people of the communities.  Rehearsals will be held weekly.

Community Cultural Dance Group

The Community Cultural Dance group will learn and preform Modern, Praise and Liturgical Dance styles and is open to the community.  The program will be a way to reach people, especially young people who wish to learn and perform various forms of dance.  Rehearsals will be held weekly.

Spoken Word, Art and Theater Programs

Space will be provided for Programs that reach out to the Artistic Communities in the areas of Art, Poetry, Readings and theater to promote programs of interest and education of the Afro and Latin Communities.

Justice Forums

As announced forums will be organized on topics relevant to today’s life issues. Topics can include discrimination based on race, class, origin, sexual orientation, injustice on any issue and Spirituality, especially related to events of our time.